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I continue to be fascinated by USB!

I have been involved with USB since its inception and continue to be impressed with everything that can be done with just a few wires. Enhancements such as SuperSpeed, new class drivers, Wireless, OTG and embedded hosts continue to expand USBís applications range. I am warmed to see that a USB connection is now standard on almost every piece of electronic equipment.

I wrote my first USB book, USB Design By Example, while working at Intel Corporation. During my 25 years at Intel I worked in almost every department before leaving in 2002 to create my own USB consultancy business.

I have helped a wide range of clients design and debug an even wider range of innovative USB products. I have written numerous articles, several papers, two books and an applications note for Cypress Semiconductor. My depth and breadth of knowledge has allowed me to review patents and be an expert witness in numerous litigation cases.

If you are looking for a problem-solving, creative, USB Expert to complement your team then you have come to the right place.

SuperSpeed Device Design By Example

is now available from Amazon. Check out some details here.

Following an enthusiastic response to a seminar in Shanghai I was encouraged to translate the book into Chinese. This too is now available from Amazon.

I tackle short-term projects that others may deem 'too-difficult'. I can add value in all phases of a project but note that I am not a turn-key solution supplier; I add expertise where necessary then train you or your staff such that I am no longer required.

Imagination is more important than knowledge

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